Featured Artists: 
Maite Agahnia​​ • Manuelita Brown • Bronle Crosby • Susan Darnall • Theresa Vandenberg Donche • Julia CR Gray • Lori Mitchell • Gillian Moss • Alison Haley Paul • Chris Schwimmer • Gail Titus • Brenda York

Visiting Artist Collective

Time For Women Artists Presents: 


May 15 - June 9, 2023

“Twelve visions; twelve styles; twelve imaginations; twelve souls. But there is always meaningful convergence when our work comes together in one place. 
The group came together from our need for community and by—well… synchronicity: human souls attract people, places, and events that help us to grow, develop, make meaning, and evolve. Finding people who support and connect brings wonder and delight, the unexpected, and the sense of being looked after. Despite our divergent media, choices, palettes, and ideas, the women of TWA are linked. Our work reflects that link. 
This group promotes in each of us a sense of openness, courage, and gratitude. Things and people show up as we need them, and we are in the right place at the right time: Time for Women Artists

In this exhibition, we explore synchronicity as revelation of the interconnectedness of all things and the purpose behind seemingly random meetings and events. Through our diverse art making, we challenge you to stop, look, and consider the world anew; come along on our journey of exploration and contemplation as we attempt to understand and use the power of synchronicity.” – 


SIP Art Studio

215 S Pacific St, San Marcos, CA 92078


by Tom Driscoll


Saturday, January 21st at 4pm


“Tom Driscoll’s recent sculptural works activate architectural space by exploiting the juncture of walls, floors and ceilings. The resulting corners become prime loci for the placement of cast concrete, geometrically organic forms that enlist and activate the entire gallery space as both foil and collaborator. Related hanging, pendulum pieces when swung arc back and forth against the white walls leaving elegant tracings of their movement. The normal gallery experience of static objects centered on walls is thereby completely subverted by Driscoll in an exuberant and profound way.”
– Hugh M. Davies (Guest Curator)


We hope you’ll come join us in celebrating the remarkable work of Tom Driscoll!


SIP Art Studio

215 S Pacific St, San Marcos, CA 92078


Curator Anna Stump


High Desert Carnival is a visual art extravaganza, presented by SIP Art Space in San Marcos, California, curated by Anna Stump.


The High Desert, defined as the neighborhood of Joshua Tree National Park and the Morongo Basin, has affected the participating artists with a sense of zany celebration and fierce independence. The starkness of the desert environment, with its huge skies, spiky plants and animals, exposed geology and extreme climate, seems to have pushed these artists to the brink. The joyous, surreal, and primal find expression in their work.


Artist Reception: July 9, 4pm – 7pm


Exhibition Dates: July 9 – August 20, 2022


High Desert Carnival Curator Anna Stump July 9 – August 20, 2022

Listen With Your Eyes
Reception featuring Steve Gibson

May 14 – June 24, 2022


Curated by Alex Couwenberg

March 19 – April 29, 2022

Herd Immunity
Curated by Hugh M. Davies
Director Emeritus, MCASD

January 22

Carbon Neutral
Curated by Alex Decosta
Gallery Director, Hyde Art Gallery

Sept. 25

Postmodern Portraiture
Curated by G. James Daichendt and David Carlson

July 24 – Sept. 10