Studio Space

SIP Art Space is the working studio of artist Vicki Walsh, where she combines her professional art practice with an ongoing offering of artists’ workshops and lecture series. It is a place where working artists, students, art scholars, and patrons gather to share all aspects of the artistic experience.

At the center of the SIP Art Space collective, is an exhibition space that places the voice of the artist above art sales and marketability. To this end, SIP is proud to welcome a different guest curator for each exhibition, thereby ensuring a fresh and evolutionary viewpoint is represented with each show.

As we work to build a community around the visual arts and artistic expression, it is our sincere hope that you will join us at one of our upcoming events, and become a part of the conversation.




1. SIP : Someday I'll Paint

At SIP, someday is now.


Vicki Walsh was born in Lancaster, California. Her family moved numerous times as her father followed a path as an engineer, working on the 1960’s space program until his death in an auto accident just before Christmas in 1963. Vicki moved with her mother and two sisters, back to San Diego to be with extended family and, outside of college years, has lived there ever since.

Vicki graduated with a BFA in Painting at California State University at Long Beach and took additional course work in Biomedical Illustration. After graduating in 1980, she started her own business, creating forensic medical illustrations for use as courtroom exhibits in a variety of personal injury and malpractice trials. This business evolved into a 3D computer animation and video company, working in the forensic and architectural arenas. In the year 2000, after 15 years in business, she stepped away from the company to become a fulltime artist. Vicki applied and was accepted into the graduate program at the prestigious San Francisco Art Institute and received her MFA in Studio Art in 2006.

Since graduation, Vicki has had a successful run of exhibitions. In the first year, she received a solo show at a San Diego City Gallery and then numerous other exceptional group and solo shows at regional museums and local galleries in the years to follow.

She now has her own professional art studio in San Marcos, Ca where she continues with her painting practice and teaches private painting workshops, as well as ongoing college art level classes.